Introduction [Launches September 2nd]

Welcome to Learn that Code, a collaborative learning community working on individual and group projects using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You may be here because you’re interested in becoming a front-end or full stack developer… or maybe you’re already a developer and want to learn or update your web development skills. Whatever your reason is for enrolling in this course, we are happy to have you join our learning community. In this course, we’ll learn essential HTML fundamentals using modern collaboration tools like Visual Studio Code, Git, and GitHub. Let’s get started.

There are no prerequisites to complete this course. This course was designed for everyone from complete beginners to developers looking to learn a new language. The full video course on HTML Fundamentals is available on Learn that Code and I encourage you enroll and code along with the full video course.

Proven Learning Techniques

To get the most out of this course we suggest using these learning techniques in four steps:

Table of Content

See you on September 2nd! 🙌


IMG You finished the HTML Fundamentals course! Woo Hoo! Before we start building websites, I highly recommend taking the CSS Fundamentals course next, see you there!